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Heavy financial loss, time behind bars, suspension of one's driver's license, societal shame, and difficulty being employed. These are possible consequences for being charged with a DWI.

What is Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)? It is a crime that is defined as operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.08% or higher.

Around the Fort Worth area, DWIs are actually one of the more common cases. Unfortunately for Fort Worthians being charged with it, the Texas state government and the Tarrant County court system view them as reckless for driving drunk. That's why Michael & Associates is here to fight on your behalf.

The Consequences of Driving While Intoxicated

As mentioned above, the courts don't look favorably upon folks charged with DWIs. Even though it's a common crime, it carries pretty heavy penalties. Below is a list of them:

Someone's 1st Offense: 

  • Up to $2000 in fines
  • 3-180 days in jail
  • Suspension of driver's license for up to a year

Someone's 2nd Offense:

  • Up to $2000 in fines
  • 1-12 months in jail
  • Suspension of driver's license for up to two years

Someone's 3rd+ Offense:

  • Up to $10,000 in fines
  • 2-10 years in prison
  • Suspension of driver's license for up to two years
  • A felony on your record

These penalties can be made even worse if you're hit with enhanced charges for things like driving with a child on board.

Your Life Isn't Over

Aside from the criminal penalties a DWI carries, there are financial and social consequences. Your insurance rates can go up and you may even lose your license. Not only that, but people may treat you differently after finding out about your record - you may even have difficulty finding employment due to it.

Making a mistake isn't worth flushing your life down the toilet. You owe it to yourself to build a strong defense team for your case.

You shouldn't try to handle your DWI by yourself. Employ a strong legal team or attorney with the experience, knowledge, and win rate to give you a fighting chance.

Join the Michael & Associates Family

Here at Michael & Associates, we've got you covered throughout the whole DWI ordeal. We provide the best possible treatment for our clients throughout Funky Town Fort Worth. We ensure that you're taken care of both in terms of defense and emotional support by giving you the VIP treatment. You're like family to us, and we take your charges just as serious as that.

We're more than just a friendly bunch. We have the skills and experience needed for the job. We have been fighting DWI cases for almost ten years now, and we've represented our clients in hundreds of cases. The majority of these cases were wins - we either got the charges dismissed entirely or at least reduced.

You might be wondering who the Michael in our firm's name is. Ben Michael is our managing partner. Unlike other firms who stick you with a so-so lawyer, you get full access to Ben himself. He will be in your corner throughout the entire fight, explaining every little detail of the case and ensuring your absolute comfort.

You're like family with Michael & Associates.  Want to get your defense started already? Schedule a free case review now.


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Recent DWI Cases

Case Dismissed

Charge: Driving While Intoxicated

Allegations: Client had drank too much at a party and tried to sleep it off in the driver's seat of their car. A police officer saw them and thought they passed out attempting to drive home.

Result: Case Dismissed

Charges Reduced

Charge: Driving While Intoxicated, 2nd Offense

Allegations: Client was speeding late at night on the way home from a work event. He had drank a little bit and was feeling tired, so he tried to rush home. A police officer caught him speeding and administered a breathalyzer test which the client failed.

Result: Case Pleaded Down to Reckless Driving

Case Dismissed

Charge: Driving Under the Influence

Allegations: Client arrested after running a red light.  Police conducted a field sobriety test.

Result: Case Dismissed

How a DWI Conviction Affects Auto Insurance Rates

In Fort Worth, the average annual cost of car insurance is $744. For drivers with DWI convictions, the average annual cost of auto insurance is $1,071, an increase of $327.

Breakdown by Gender

Without DWI Conviction $768 $720
With DWI Conviction $1,106 $1,037
Increase $338 $317

Breakdown by Age

Without DWI Conviction $1,200 $696 $660 $606 $552 $588
With DWI Conviction $1,728 $1,002 $950 $873 $795 $847
Increase $528 $306 $290 $267 $243 $259

Don't Let a DWI Increase your Insurance Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

About Michael & Associates

Michael & Associates is for clients who want the VIP treatment and the best defense in all of Fort Worth. We pride ourselves on our white-glove service and our high win rates.

You might have seen cheaper lawyers in town who still promise good results. If you check their reviews, though, you will find that they fail to deliver right away. They are factories for criminal cases that view each client as a number. They just want to collect your checks and send you along without any effort.

We at Michael & Associates only bite off as much as we can chew properly. In other words, we keep our client numbers limited so we can provide the best service for each individual who hires us.

One of the best parts of hiring us is that you get access to the personal cell number of Ben Michael himself. You are encouraged to text him with any questions you may have about your case - day or night. The other lawyers in town will give you their work number and take half a week to get back to you.

The fight to dismiss or reduce DWI charges is intense. It can be a great emotional and financial strain. Ben will be your guide throughout the whole process to ensure you have the best defense. He will even provide emotional support so that you do not get overwhelmed.

Michael & Associates will handle nearly any case whether it's a felony or a misdemeanor charge. We handle all of the following and more:

  • DUI / DWI
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Assault & Battery
  • Family Violence
  • Domestic Abuse

We do not take cases like these:

  • Traffic Law
  • Family Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Civil Law

Driving While Intoxicated in Fort Worth

In Fort Worth, Tarrant County, and the rest of Texas, any driver who has been pulled over and tested with a BAC of 0.08% or above can be charged with a DWI. BAC is the measure of alcohol in your bloodstream.

Folk wisdom might have a prescription for how much you can drink without going over the limit, but never rely on this. There are too many factors - such as age, size, alcohol percentage of the drinks consumed - for there to be a one-size-fit-all solution. If you're in doubt about whether it's safe to drive, it's best to wait until you know.

In Fort Worth and the rest of Texas, you will face different penalties depending on whether it's your first, second, or third-and-up offense.

Your First Offense

  • Fine of up to $2,000
  • Jail time if convicted, up to 180 days with at least three mandatory days
  • Loss of driver's license for up to a year

Second Offense

  • Fine of up to $4,000
  • One month to a year in jail if convicted
  • Loss of driver's license for up to two years

Third Offense

  • A $10,000 fine
  • Two to ten years in prison if convicted
  • Loss of driver's license up to two years

Further penalties may apply if hit with enhanced charges, including:

  • Additional fines up to $10,000
  • Up to two years in jail
  • Additional 180 days of driver's license suspension

The most important thing when being pulled over is to remember that it works in your favor to be respectful and know your rights. Never talk back to the officer even if they are rude to you as you may be recorded on camera. The better you conduct yourself, the better your chances of walking away without a DWI charge.

The first thing you'll need to do when a police car puts its sirens on and the officer asks you to pull over is to obviously pull over. Be sure to do it in as urgent a manner as you can while being safe. You might get the instinct to run away to avoid being caught if you know you've had too much to drink, but push those thoughts down as you will be caught and face worse charges or, more seriously, hurt yourself or others.

The officer will ask you for your license, registration, and proof of insurance. This is standard protocol. Simply and calmly tell the officer where they are in the car and slowly move to get them.

Most of the time, the officer will ask if you know why you've been pulled over. You might want to tell them if you're an honest person, but in this situation, honesty is not the best policy. Polite denial is. Reply with "no sir" or "no ma'am." If you tell the officer why they stopped you, you're only making it worse for yourself when your court date approaches.

It is within your rights to refuse the initial breathalyzer test and the field sobriety test. If you suspect even a little bit that you may fail the test, don't take it. You just need to inform the officer that you feel uncomfortable taking the tests and would prefer to speak with your attorney before taking any tests.

At this point, you may be let go. However, if you show signs of intoxication either via sight, smell, or sound, you can still be arrested and taken to the police station. Once you're there, they will probably administer a breathalyzer test or draw your blood to establish what level your BAC is. You may refuse these tests, but it could lead to a suspension of your license. Your license will still possibly be suspended if you take the tests and fail. No matter the outcome, a strong attorney will help you with this.

Even after you have exercised your right to refuse all the tests, a persistent officer can obtain a warrant and force you to take them.

It is your right to remain silent to avoid incriminating yourself. Exercise this right and contact your attorney as soon as you can.

You should always fight a DWI charge whether it's your first or fifth offense. A good legal team will either get your case dismissed or charges reduced. This is much better than a plea deal or admission of guilt.

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Fort Worth Police Department
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Alcohol Treatment Facility
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