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A DWI Conviction in Manor Will Break the Bank
We rescue your wallet.

DWI Prosecution in Manor is Aggressive

Being charged with DWI in Manor is a huge inconvenience, but you have to tackle the problem head-on. 

The state of Texas and the courts in Travis County can impose pretty stiff sentences, penalties, and prison time for DWI convictions.  A person convicted for the first time faces a penalty of $2,000 and spending up to six months in jail.  A follow-up offender might get as much as a $4,000 fine and twelve months in jail.

Any more than that and the penalties are felony tier. You risk from two to ten years in prison, and fines as much as $10,000.

Your license is also suspended upon conviction. You can lose your license for two years or more. 

Sentence enhancements for child endangerment or property damage can push the overall penalties over $10,000 and land you in state prison for up to 10 years. 

The Stakes are Too High to Let One Error Cost You

Driving drunk is a mistake. You can move past it, but you need legal representation to fight for your freedom.

Not only can you serve time, lose your right to drive, and pay a lot of money, there are many more ways a DWI can ruin your life.  You can lose your license in the lead-up to your trial. We can fight to try and stop that.  Also, a conviction will make your insurance premiums spike. Credit checks for jobs and homes are also in danger of being flagged.

The truth is, there is too much at stake here for you to trust this to a mid-tier lawyer. 

Why Michael & Associates is Different

The team at Michael and Associates treats every case like it was our own brother or sister in trouble.  You get all of us on your side. A legal team that fights as a single unit, side-by-side, fighting for you.

We have been arguing DWI cases in Travis County for ten years. We know what it takes to win here. We can help you when you need it most.

A strong defense isn't always enough. You need a white-glove approach to push for the best outcome we can get. What you need is a proven fighter in your corner.

The whole team fighting as one.  Tenacious defense.  White glove service.  We won't stop until every stone is turned. Michael and Associates fights for you.


If you've been charged with a DWI, you have 15 days before you lose your license. Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch in a few minutes.

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Why we're the Right Manor DWI Lawyer for You

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Recent DWI Cases near Manor

Case Dismissed

Charge: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI B)

Location: Manor, TX

Allegations: The client was pulled over for failure to signal a lane change and failed a breathalyzer. After being arrested blood was drawn.

Result: Case dismissed

Case Dismissed

Charge: Driving While Intoxicated (DWI B)

Location: Manor, TX

Allegations: Officers stopped the client for unlawful speed, and they were given a breathalyzer which they failed.


Result: The evidence was gathered illegally. Full dismissal.

Case Dismissed

Charge: DWI, 2nd Offense

Location: Manor, TX

Allegations: The client was stopped for weaving in and out of traffic.  Police ordered the client to exit the car and executed a search.  Client was arrested and ordered to take a blood test.


Result: All charges reduced to misdemeanors

Frequently Asked Questions

About Michael & Associates

The two things we do that make us special are: the white glove treatment, and the best outcome possible.

There are too many lawyers out there promising the moon and delivering nothing.  When you have a question are they there to answer it for you? When you are worried about the outcome, can they set your mind at ease? Michael and Associates will.

We are careful to limit our caseload to only the cases we can personally manage. We don't shuffle you down to the bottom of the stack and delay endlessly when you call.

What we do is give you Ben Michael's personal cell phone number and invite you to call him any time of day. Other places will get back to you, but will it even be the same week? That's doubtful. Not us, because we know you have enough stress.

The managing partner of our firm will see your case through to the end. He will be there to look over the custom defense and take any evidence you know of then turn it into action. We are here to fight for your freedom. We will never give up when it comes to our clients.

Here are just a few of the misdemeanor and felony cases we accept at Michael & Associates:

  • DUI / DWI
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Assault & Battery
  • Family Violence
  • Domestic Abuse

We don't accept cases in:

  • Traffic Law
  • Family Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Civil Law

We can accept cases anywhere in Texas. Right now we are taking on new clients anywhere from San Antonio to Austin. 

Driving While Intoxicated in Manor

Having a BAC at or above .08% means you can be charged with DWI. BAC is the measurement of alcohol in your bloodstream.

There are a lot of reasons your BAC might be above or below the legal limit. Your height, weight, and sex all play a part. The largest contributor to your BAC being over the limit is the length of time that has passed since your last drink, and how strong the drinks were.

In Manor, the penalties vary based on how many offenses you have had.

1st Offense

  • As much as a $2,000 fine
  • Three days mandatory minimum, with up to six months in jail
  • Suspension of your DL for up to a year

2nd Offense

  • Up to a $4,000 fine
  • From 30 days to a year in jail
  • Suspension of your DL for as much as two years

3rd Offense

  • $10,000 fine
  • 2 to 10 years in prison
  • Suspension of your DL for as much as two years

Sentencing guidelines for child endangerment increase the penalties by:

  • Additional fines up to $10,000
  • As many as two years in jail
  • Six additional months of DL suspension

The first thing to remember is that you can't run. Stop immediately or you will only make the situation much worse than it is. You will never outrun the radio and helicopter. 

If the officer who stops you asks if you know the reason for the stop, just reply "No Sir" or "No Ma'am".  The officer is trying to establish probable cause for the stop. You shouldn't assist them in building a case against you.

It's your right to refuse any test that the officer asks you to take. If you refuse these tests, your license will be suspended and you will lose the ability to drive. That is going to happen anyway, and if you have a lawyer fighting for you they can help in either situation. 

If the officer thinks they can detect slurred speech, alcohol smell, or bloodshot eyes.  Once arrested, they will probably try to ascertain your BAC by ordering you to submit to the test more forcefully.  If you still refuse, you can be taken to the station and forced to submit to a blood draw.

It takes some extra time to draw blood since the judge is required to sign off on the warrant. It is the most accurate way to measure BAC and can clear someone in a borderline case.

Never submit to an interrogation without a lawyer present. Ask to speak with your lawyer at the earliest opportunity. 

You should always mount a good defense against any criminal charge. Since the stakes are high when faced with a DWI conviction, that is especially true. Find an experienced lawyer who can help you navigate the process. 

Helpful Locations for Manor Residents

Manor Courthouse
(512) 272-8178
105 E. Eggleston Street
Manor, Texas 78653

Manor Police Department
(512) 272-8177
402 W Parsons St
Manor, TX 78653

Alcohol Treatment Facility
(737) 263-0767
11908 Sparks Rd
Manor, TX 78653

Department of Motor Vehicles
(512) 719-6900
1001 E. Parmer Lane, Suite A
Austin, TX 78753

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